Founder of HolisMultimedia – Website of digital products for personal and holistic growth. Life Coach, autor, mentor and trainer specialized in personal life, in emotional relationships and listening to one’s authentic self. NLP Master certified by the American Society of neuro linguistic programming directly by dr. Richard Bandler. She studied and worked in Italy, United Kingdom, America and Japan. For over 25 years She has taught courses in holistic disciplines both in the Centers of bio-natural disciplines that she personally managed: the Epsylon Center in Milan, the Rising Sun Center in Milan, and she is founder of RIS – Reiki International School with centers in all Europe. She has held courses at holistic centers throughout Italy and abroad. Monica is Reiki Master from ’94, Channeler, has taught Reiki, Channeling, Chromotherapy, Crystal therapy for over 25 years. She had thousands of students. She has made numerous audio-courses and digital products for leading companies in the sector. Monica believes in the digital age and in online and multimedia communication. She currently lives between Milan and London. In these places She continues to work as a trainer both live and online.

Translator and interpreter fluently speaks 3 languages: English, French, Italian and she is passionate about oriental languages.

Jeanne practices belly dancing and Arabian dances, another of her great passion is the movement of the body and music, in particular oriental dances.

She is the official translator of HolisMultimedia’s courses, she is the voice in the meditations and inductions of the site, author: Monica Giovine.

She practices artistic and oriental dance and meditation.

Writer, author. Leader of Laughter Yoga Certificate, EnergetiClub © certified Energy Leader, Angel Card Reader® certified by Doreen Virtue, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master and Writing Coach, and Energy Coach.

He studied diction and recitation, writing of the Soul, Remote Healing (method certified by Roy Martina), Eft – Technique of Emotional Independence, Enneagram, Ho’Oponopono, Pnl – Neurolinguistic Programming.

She currently works freelance in the editorial section of an important music school. Still as a freelance he writes reviews of books and films for an online music magazine and collaborates with independent authors and publishers performing editing and proofreading. A writer for passion, she has published some novels, various manuals, and poems, stories.


Psychologist, psychopedagogical, professional graphologist. He has studied graphology and graduated in “Psycho-graph-diagnostics consultant” – specialized in the field of personality – and “Judicial technical consultant”, specialized in the deepening of the expert and criminological graphology. Subsequently he specialized in different graphological areas, integrating his training towards evolutionary graphology, the interpretation of child drawing and paper-pencil test and the company’s graphology.

He collaborated with Monica Giovine, trainer, life coach, Master Reiki, and founder of “HolisMultimedia” Italian version, as an expert graphologist making a short essay about “Reiki and Graphology: understanding, feeling and testing energy!”.

He worked for many years as an educator of disabled minors and adults and has collaborated in cases of youth distress. He has held many lectures on graphology at schools, libraries, libraries, and has made many articles on graphology for newspapers and especially for internet portals. He has collaborated with doctors and professionals as a graphologist.

He is a writer and author of numerous books on graphology and some best sellers published in Italian. He currently holds many conferences on the psychology of calligraphy.

Naturopath, beautician since ’93, with specialization in artistic makeup in ’94. Expert in curative and magical herbs and Celtic shamanism, in addition to meditation, shamanic dances and shamanic songs. He studied at the B.C.M. of Milan, winning a scholarship with a thesis on nutrition. In 2008 she graduated as a Naturopath at the A.E.ME.TRA School of Turin, with a thesis in natural psychosomatics that later became a subject of study for psychologists. She is passionate about herbal medicine and expert in shamanism. She worked on Pet Terapy. She is specialized in Erboristeria and in Floriterapia (Bach Flowers) and in non-clinical Hypnotherapy. Currently he is specializing as a Naturopathic Counselor.

She is a writer and is the author of many books of herbs, nature and fantasy.


Stefania translates some courses for HolisMultimedia by Monica Giovine.

She fluently speaks both Italian and English. Life & Adoption Coach, Family Constellator, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master.

She can lead people to the deepest part of their soul. Stefania holds courses in both languages.

She is passionate for travel. She works freelance with her seminars and fly worldwide.