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Reprogram your subconscious in order to deal with the situations in a calm, relaxed and joyful way. Relax all the parts of your body. Release the tension in your muscles and nervous system. Relieve the stress and relax each fibre and cell in your body: it’s the first step.

We live in a frenetic society. We’re always on the go, very busy taking care of every aspect of our lives (family, home, job, friends, commissions, deadlines, etc…). It feels like we’re always under pressure and we can feel the tension in our bodies. Do you wish to get rid of this feeling of living constantly under pressure?

Someone might think that it is not as easy to live a more relaxed life considering the society we live in. The point is to start seeing things differently and, above all, to live the situations in a different way. You can feel more calm facing everyday situations instead of feeling anxious. If you live every day feeling more relaxed your life will be much better, and your health will improve too.


The best solution is to let your subconscious do the job

Let the subconscious work for you to feel more relaxed, calm and serene. Everything will be easier. If you want something but your subconscious goes in the opposite direction it can be very difficult to make any change. Therefore you need to change tactics.

By listening to the induction you can reprogram your subconscious and start facing the situations with calm and joy. The first part of the audio is a session of autogenic training that helps you relaxing every part of your body. The first step is to release the tension in your muscles and nervous system. Relieve the stress and relax each fibre and cell in your body.

In the second part of the audio you will visualize yourself in the nature where you enter your temple of peace. After the total relaxation your cells will be filled with serenity and joy.


Thanks to the PNL (Neuro Linguistic Programming) inductions you can reset your subconscious mind and bring calm, joy, serenity and relaxation in your body and mind. All of this will help you facing every situation better.

You need to listen to “Reveal Calm and Autogenic Training” when you are relaxed, during a break for example. Some people listen to it in the morning, before they get up to feel more motivated.

The best time to listen to it is probably at night, in bed. It doesn’t matter if you are tired and you will fall asleep: it is the subconscious mind that needs to listen to it.

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