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Learn how to communicate with your Super Consciousness, with your Higher Self and with your Light Guide.
Be in touch with your Soul and your energy again. Raise your vibrational frequencies, get to know your very self and the mission of your soul.


Everybody is born with talents that sometimes are suffocated by the society. Your talents represent your mission in this life, your natural qualities.
Find out how to communicate with your Super Consciousness, with your Higher Self and your Light Guide thanks to the Channeling course created by Olismutimedia.
By opening yourself towards the spiritual energy and the source of Light you can find your true talents and therefore find your purpose in life.

Multimedia Channeling Course

Can I really communicate with my Light’s Guide?
The Channeling Course will teach you in a technical and practical way how to do the exercises that will introduce you to the Channeling, to raise your vibrations, to develop the Third Eye. Let your qualities and talents come to the surface and use them in your life.

Thanks to the videos that you will find in the package you can visualize the exercises and learn how to do Channeling. A big advantage of the multimedia Channeling course is that you will have all the material in your computer or pc and have access to it any time you want, anywhere you are.
Another advantage is that the material is divided in topics to make it easier for you to learn, to find the topics and go back to read and watch anytime you want. You won’t find this commodities within an online or face-to-face course.


During the Channeling course you will learn simple but effective techniques that will allow you to open your channels in order to reach the spiritual world and to perceive its love’s creative force.

This creative force and the Light’s guide (or Angel) will remind you who you really are, to evolve and finally live a life that suits you.
During the Channeling course you will learn canalization’s techniques, how to be in touch with your Higher Self. You will also learn to refine your energetic vibration (and therefore to raise your vibrations) and to get rid of external energies that don’t belong to you (therefore to purify yourself). You will evolve and you will notice the messages coming from the Light’s Guide (or Universal energy).


10 MP3 audio files for a total of 4 hours divided in topics as follows:

1) What’s the Channeling and what it means to “canalize”
2) The soul’s journey in three moments (before earthly life, earthly life, after earthly life: from light to earth and back to light)
3) The soul’s journey and it’s return back home
4) Cerebral waves (how to canalize the waves and in what state of mind Channeling is possible)
5) How to connect with your inner guide
6) The energetic vibrations and the frequencies transmitted in various emotional states
7) Energetic training to the Channeling (how to get ready to canalize)
8) How to feel and see the human energetic field and how to feel and see the energy
9) Cleaning and purification of the body and the soul (how to raise your energetic vibrations)
10) How to do Channeling

1 audio file containing the practical meditation to canalize

5 manuals in PDF format and 5 in Epub format (two formats for each manual):

1) The handbook about the audio Channeling course
2) Human body’s energy and channeling (how we become energetic receptors or light’s tools)
3) A comprehensive colour handbook about the full Channeling Course
4) Meditations for Channeling (meditations in preparation for the Channeling, meditations with the Angel, etc…)
5) A guide to the Channeling

4 MP4 videos with practical exercises to learn how to become light’s channels to do channeling:

1) Energetic preparation to Channeling (practical exercise)
2) Exercise of the receptor’s alignment or interior energetic channel (governor vase and conception vase)
3) Alignment of the energies sky and earth, yin and yang, to become light’s channels and to do Channeling
4) Practical exercise to open the Third Eye

Diploma of Channeling Course

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