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Get rid of the DNA’s energetic refuses that are inside and around you. These refuses are made of ancestral memories that don’t belong to you. Open yourself to endless possibilities. Open your endless potential by getting rid of refuses that are not yours.

Do you wish to get rid of the obstructive energies and free yourself from constricting believes that don’t belong to you?

How many times have you tried to make a change but, despite the effort, you just couldn’t?

Sometimes it could be hard to achieve your goals because you would always find yourself in the same situations. You get angry, you feel like giving up but in the end you feel like trying again.

How many times did you think:
-why did it happen again?
-why do I find myself always in the same situations?
-why does this situation never change even if I work on it?
-why does this situation never change?
-where was I wrong?

Maybe you have tried to make some changes in your life or achieve your goals for years but you realized that it takes too much effort.

Those situations that repeat themselves in life are like a “wheel”, or to use a psychological term, they are called “spiral dynamics”.

The dynamic spiral is a condition that repeats itself in time because of a subconscious state of mind and because of a more generic and karmic energy condition. The dynamic spiral brings with itself unwanted behaviours, situations and events that repeat themselves in similar ways.

Sometimes it seems like people are trapped in their own vortex, the DNA vortex.

It doesn’t matter in what aspect of your life you feel trapped in the vortex.


-some people often find a partner that has always the same characteristics and they end up being unhappy and having to face the same problems.
-other people spend their whole life trying to lose weight, constantly changing their diets but they never achieve their goal. This situation is often repeated when they have a new partner.
-some people struggle with money or they are unhappy with their jobs.
-others face the same situations when they move somewhere else, when they meet new people, etc…every person has his own.

What about you? How many times in your life have you tried to make some changes?

We all know that we are made of energy and that we carry a big “dead weight” made of DNA. The DNA is that ancestral energy that contains the ancestors’ memory. When we are young we learn everything from our parents and sometimes these things can become like “programs” that lead our lives until we are conscious of it.

We “absorb” our parents and family’s convictions. But they too are not to be blamed since they have learnt from their ancestors. That’s why we have to go back to your ancestors in order to clean the DNA.

And that’s what we will do in the creative visualization “cleaning of DNA”.


The meditation “cleaning of DNA” is actually a creative visualization that cleans the energy that is not yours. By gratitude, by forgiveness and by the release of your ancestors’ energy that constricts your Soul, you can finally live your life.

It removes from you and from your energetic space all the refuses related to the DNA where all the ancestral memories that are NOT yours dwell. This way you will open yourself to life, to endless possibilities, to your endless potential, finally free from the dead weight of the energy that doesn’t belong to you.


With the creative visualization “cleaning of DNA” you can work in a very deep energetic way.
You can reset your subconscious and open your mind to the endless possibilities. The inner and deeper part of yourself will react differently, desiring new things that are free from rational and energetic influences. You will feel much more free, content: yourself. Because this is what you want.

You need to listen to “cleaning of DNA” when you are relaxed, during a break for example. Some people listen to it in the morning, before they get up to feel more motivated.

The best time to listen to it is probably at night, in bed. It doesn’t matter if you are tired and you will fall asleep: it is the subconscious mind that needs to listen to it.

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