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The guided Reiki’s self treatment is very useful to learn how to do Reiki. It is particularly suitable for people who have attended a first level Reiki’s course, and it is also great to learn how to self treat with Reiki, to re-balance the Chakras by letting yourself enter a peaceful state of mind without thinking of anything else. Monica Giovine’s voice will guide the positions of your hands after three minutes.


The voice of Monica Giovine will guide you during the self treatment that in this case is focused on re-balancing and re-harmonizing the energy of the essential seven Chakras by using both the universal energy of the Reiki and your hands.

The treatment will be performed in a deep state of relaxation and calm.


The full length of the Guided Reiki’s Self Treatment is about 35 minutes (the first minutes are dedicated to the initial relaxation phase).
To accompany the Reiki’s treatment there’s a relaxing Zen music in the background.
The Guided Reiki’s self treatment will be performed on all of the essential seven energetic point, or Chakras, and it will then involve the seven positions.
-you do not need to read a Reiki’s manual
-you do not need to constantly look at the time
-you do not need to use the music with the bell that rings every three minutes

Monica Giovine’s voice will guide the movement of your hands every three minutes. During the treatment, as you are giving yourself the energy of the light, the energy of love and therefore the energy of Reiki, you can “listen” to what is happening inside yourself as you are putting your hands on your body. By donating Reiki (energy) to yourself you are letting yourself go and you are “listening” to the inner part of yourself. Thanks to the guided meditation the voice will tell you step by step where the Reiki’s energy is moving, what it is re-balancing, in which parts of the body and which energetic re-balance (and therefore also physical. We are energy and so is the body) is happening at an energetic level in the treated parts of the body where your hands are.

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