Watch the 1st video of Herbal Basic Courses

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Welcome to this basic herbal medicine course. This is a first approach to what will be a long journey to which we are all called, to deepen the subject.
You certainly haven’t missed increasing of natural products, whether they are supplements or remedies. The fact testifies how the sensitivity is changed and a personal way of taking care of ourselves is increasingly widespread.
The concept of well-being has a considerable weight in modern society, as an antidote to rhythms and lifestyles that are too unruly and frenetic.
HolisMultimedia offers the basic herbal medicine course: a simple and complete training course to gradually take you to a wide range of skills to manage effectively and autonomously many of the most common cares that can afflict people, even for you and your loved ones.


You will learn notions concerning the herbal medicine, simplified and made understandable, to be received without effort. You will know your body, disturbances that can afflict people and remedies that can intervene in restoring loss of balance. You will recognize technical terminology, which will allow you to choose the best solutions for what suits you best. You will know the world around us, that of herbs we mean, so apparently silent and yet so full of life, vibrations, influences but also poisons. You will understand a macrocosm full of energy that flows inside you and inside us. You will learn how to use herbs at home, as cosmetics or in any other way. You will be amazed at al!
Keep in mind: herbal medicine should not replace official medicine; in case of illness we advise you to always contact your doctor. Herbal medicine is a support to medical care, it enhances the activity and in many cases can be a valuable aid to reduce unwanted side effects.

The basic course of HERBAL BASIC COURSE offers you the basis for a journey, the beginning of it…
Life, as the seasonal rotation, goes on in a breath, through oxygen that plants give off, absorbing the dioxide carbon and the produced waste. So plants continuing regenerate. Herbs and plants are the lungs of planet. Deforestation is a serious ecological and environmental damage to humanity. The Author of this course, Paola Elena Ferri recommends: “Return to a simpler lifestyle and you will realize you already have everything”.


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