Watch the 1st video of Modern Shamanism

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Welcome to this multimedial course of modern shamanism. Why do we use the word “modern”?
To contextualize shamanism, keeping in mind the reality in which we live, our culture and actual possibilities. We take something ancient to understand foundations using them as we can nowadays. Often we forget … we have the perfect harmony: body, mind and spirit.
The main purpose of this course is to get you tools necessary to achieve an optimal psychophysical state and the harmony between your inner self and nature which surrounds you. We’ll get the result together. You’ll be provided with text and multimedia files. You will be actively involved, through your empathic and emotional involvement. To obtain this significant result we’ll use a mix of reinterpreted shamanic tradition.
Doing a dynamic, practical and exciting journey you will rediscover the contact with your true self. You will be guided to relaxing states that you never imagined or that you could not get for long. Modern life has undoubted qualities but it brings a profound depersonalization: we are constantly induced to believe that well-being is to possess something. The multimedia course of modern shamanism is done to rediscover how you already have and how to re-establish the balance necessary to face the modern everyday life.


You will learn some historical notes, exposed in a very simple, clear and exhaustive way, using manuals and attached audio.
You will learn the ancient tradition and its basic principles applying them to your reality.
You will practice some techniques of self-healing and planet healing. You’ll approach your power’s animal, you will join the moon and the subtle energies and you will learn the Shamanic Dance of the Goddess. Your guiding spirits will help you to find your shamanic name, the one with which you will be recognized in a dimensional plan different from the physical one. You will understand how important it is to rediscover the Soul. Often diseases originate from a soul loss… the slightest or the most difficult to cure have often the same origin. You will read then inspired poems for your renewed creativity, a gift closely connected to nature: the essence never leaves us, even in the most difficult moments, tests at the end of which the sweet taste is having fought for a noble value.


160,00 80,00