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Quitting to smoke – induction

Reprogram your subconscious to be healthy, to breath well, to love your lungs, to have an healthy and natural lifestyle to make it a pleasurable experience for your body and not a strain. it really works! And when the unconscious wants to do what you want him to do everything is possible and you finally can make it !


We can see how hard is it for many people to stop smoking and mostly to break free of the toxic habit of tobacco and cigarettes forever without going back to the old patterns that are damaging your health.



In a chemical way therefore biological the human body is programmed to create habits thru the mind and make this to become automatic. This is not damaging as it represent the surviving spirit for the species so we can create habits to help us survive. All of this will become damaging if those new habits are unhealthy for our life and create issues for our body to respond in an optimal way in the future.

In case of smoking we all know the damage that tobacco creates in our lungs, mostly when this bad habit is prolonged in time and years. Shortness of breath, poisoned blood, bad digestion, hearth diseases ,flue, constant colds ,sore throat, back pain, headaches.

Why hurt yourself? of course no one does it on purpose, you start it as a game, for peer pressure, because you like it …but then little by little smoking creates damages at energy levels and the body. But why if smoking is so damaging it is then so hard to stop?


we know how difficult it is to change a habit and then change a behaviour. Why? Us “we depend chemically ” by certain behaviorus. For example, why so many people want to quit smoking but fail? Why so many people never start a low-calorie diet? Why so many people sign up to the gym, the first month they go, lets say “they try” and then they stop going and training and go back to old and sedentary habits? Why a person who maybe feels alone opens the fridge or shelf and eats some chocolate or something else to compensate for the emotional void?

Knows that “it should not take that action, that hurts” but he does it anyway. why many people “are trying to quit smoking” and then after a while they don’t stand up and fall into the old dear beloved (though harmful) habit?

Why return to embrace their old beloved SECURITY BLANKET? Because the rational mind knows what is right and what isn’t, but driven by an impulse that sometimes seem indomitable the reaction is just to do that action which should not be done, in our case: light up a cigarette?(damn cigarette) Like to smoke, eat a snack, or just lie on the couch rather than go for a healthy outdoor run etc. ..

It’s not people’s fault. We cannot blame others if they do or if they don’t do something. Behaviours come from chemical and mechanical reactions that are then taking pulses because dictated by the unconscious.The glands that we have in our brain produce substances (hormones) in the blood and into cells that induce to take the action that’s always been done, a sort of chemical dependency itself. That’s right, the dependency is not only from certain foreign substances (tobacco) but also by chemicals inside the body. For this reason it seems so hard to change a habit even if it is harmful.


Saying you are not allowed to smoke becomes a promise often hard and difficult to maintain. Instead of “imposing” of quitting and saying “I can’t stop smoking, I like it , I want to quit smoking but I can’t do it, i’m trying my best but the willpower is low“ Imposition creates frustration and in in the long run won’t work. You can do better, much better …

Let the subconscious do the all the work for you. Let your subconscious work for you and everything becomes easier, smooth and natural. If you force something but your unconscious pulling against it, your change gets really hard, so all that remains is to change “tactic”.

By using sound you can re-program your subconscious to change habits in a healthy and pleasant way, breathe deep and healthy, to love your lungs and give them joy, light and love. This for the body is not an effort, is the body that asks, that wants it.It really works! And especially when even the unconscious wants what you want, anything is possible and you finally can you really quit smoking!


Thanks to NLP inductions – Neuro Linguistic Programming – you can reset your unconscious mind to breathe better, to love your lungs, to love all your organs, to respect your body, all for the joy of it. Not because you are forced but because it gives you pleasure. You can change your eating habits without even realising it now, it’s your body to change, to react differently, to want different things for you that makes you feel good. To Breathe healthier, better, purer, and natural air Because that’s what you’re really want now also in your unconscious, and that’s what’s important to you now.

You can change the perception of yourself and your inner image about breathing and your gestures. And changing inside changes the outside too.

The induction “quit smoking” should be played in a quiet moment, maybe during a break, a nap, someone listen to the audios in the morning before getting out of bed for the daily motivation to the new healthy and useful habits and letting go of old habits.

Usually the best time to hear the audio is at night before falling asleep, in bed with the I-Pod.If you are tired is fine, not the rational mind must hear the sound but the unconscious mind. If you fall asleep is just fine.

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