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Understand the subconscious mental schemes about love and relationships and change those schemes to open yourself to a happy Love. Be ready for that serene and passionate love you have always dreamt of. Be ready to meet your Soulmate.


In our modern society men and women have common interests and do activities together more often than in the past. We therefore assume that it should be easier to meet people and start a relationship. Yet nowadays more than in the past, singles struggle to find a partner, especially in the cities where it should be easier to meet new people. Or sometimes people start relationships with the same type of person and repeat the same situations and problems all over again. This subconscious state of mind is called “Spiral Dynamics”.

But why do these situations keep repeating themselves? The famous “attraction law” is nothing but the energetic law of the cause and the effect, that in love relationships is strong and always present.


– subconscious mental schemes and matrix
– the believes
– the reality concept and personal filters
– the affective matrix. Identify your matrix
– family scripts
– the subconscious expectations in the affective and love part of life
– how to change the expectations of your subconscious by renewing your matrix
– how to make you feel worthy of love
– the external influences
– how to protect yourself from the external influences in the partner’s choice
– to comprehend the human mental schemes
– the mirrors
– the other person is the mirror of our expectations
– understand your expectations towards yourself and your partner
– the forgiveness, the gratitude and their liberating energy
– how to get rid of your past experiences and feel free to accept new love
– how to be free of loving and being loved
– the USELESS mental schemes
– the stereotypes you created from past experiences or from gender stereotypes
– how to get rid of useless believes
– generalizations such as “everybody is the same”
– preconceptions
– distorted thoughts
– a new way of LOVING
– being LOVE yourself and be able to give and receive LOVE
– how to attract LOVE in your life
– conditional and unconditional love
– to love because it brings you joy (to receive love back is a consequence)
– the four levels of love:
1st level: physical
2nd level: emotional
3rd level: mental
4th level: spiritual
– the human needs to understand other people’s behaviours
– the need for love (the fear, the protection, the escape from suffering)
– to understand human behaviour in order to understand yours and your partner’s problems


– the creativity of diversity
– to appreciate the diversity as a quality that allows you to grow and gives you joy
– to accept the other and the sense of valour in the other
– to understand the other instead of changing him/her and to accept his/her weaknesses instead of refusing them
– to avoid repeating the same mistakes
– to highline the qualities you are attracted by
– the importance of the IRONY and self irony
– love likes irony and playfulness
– the importance of laughing

– the image of yourself
– to like yourself and to improve your self-esteem
– to take care of yourself without thinking the other has to
– to maintain joy, happiness, enthusiasm and attraction as time passes
– to love yourself
– to love yourself and don’t expect the other to give you the love you lack (how to be independent)
– the house (the importance of having a warm and clean energy)
– how to improve your life, your house, your spaces, your physical and emotional energy
– your free time
– the importance of having time for yourself
– where can I meet her/him?


13 MP3 audio files for a total of four hours of course divided into chapters:
1) the affective matrix
2) examples of love relationships with parents and emotional and cellular programming
3) how to protect yourself from external influences
4) the personal resources (how to use them in a good way in a relationship)
5) the mirror (the relationships and the “external” relationships reflect the “internal” emotions and believes)
6) forgiveness makes you free to love (why and how to forgive)
7) the mental schemes that are useless in love (how to get rid of them)
8) to be love (the four levels of love)
9) the seven human needs (every behaviour exists to satisfy one of the seven human needs)
10) A (the importance of diversity. Diversity means enrichment) B (the importance of laughing. How to have an easier relationship)

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