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Reset your subconscious and get rid of the guilt towards wealth that society taught you. Change your believes to free your subconscious mind from those obstacles that prevent you from achieving wealth and prosperity.


Would you like a mind of a “born rich” person?
How many times did you wish to buy a new car, to go on holidays, or to buy something but you couldn’t afford it and said to yourself you should wait for a better time?

How many times were you told not to bite off more than you could chew, to hold on, to give up, to choose one thing or the other because you were told you can’t have it all?

How many times were you told that you must work hard to make good money, to make many sacrifices, to roll up your sleeves, to save up money and don’t spend it?

Do you know how many negative thoughts exist about money and wealth? If you are a spiritual person you should live a life in poverty. Yet the Universe is rich and prosperous. Nature is very rich and prosperous. But you are energy, just like the Universe, nature and money are energy. Why should you live in poverty and deprivation if the Universal energy is rich of prosperity and generosity? It would make more sense if you too were rich like the Universe and nature, true? By using the word “rich” I mean rich with love, with generosity and, why not, I also mean money. The richer a person the more he can give to others!

-Do you wish to be richer to be happier and make your family happier as well?
-Do you wish to live in the spacious and comfortable house you have always dreamt of?
-Do you wish to plan your life better so that you can enjoy more holidays or do some sport?
-Do you wish to do something different like a journey in faraway lands? We all know that travelling is good for the soul because it broadens your mind.
-Do you wish to excel in your job and manage your business better?
-Do you wish to delegate tasks and therefore have more free time for yourself?

In order to do so, you have to be able to free your mind from the false thought “I wish but I can’t”. You need to stop the sense of guilt towards money. Did you know that the majority of people are not rich because they would feel guilty being rich? It is not their fault, it is the society that taught them so.


It doesn’t matter what you need the money for. You can do better, a lot better…let the subconscious do it for you!

Let the subconscious work for you and you’ll see everything will be easier. Thanks to the audio induction “Develop a rich mind” you can “reprogram” your subconscious and free your mind from the guilt towards wealth that society taught you.

By regularly listening to the inductions you will get rid of those false thoughts and obstacles that prevented you from seeking wealth and prosperity. You will feel lighter and you will have more resources. Everything will be much easier!


Thanks to the PNL inductions (Neuro Linguistic Programming) you can reset your subconscious mind and start to really believe that you can be rich, to see yourself rich and to know that you already are rich. You can change your subconscious believes without realizing it. It is your mind that is changing, your subconscious thoughts will change, it is your inner and deepest part of yourself that will react differently by desiring new things and feeling things in a new way. Because this is what you want.

You need to listen to “your rich mind” when you are relaxed, during a break, for example. Some people listen to it in the morning, before they get up, to feel motivated.

The best time during the day to listen to it is probably at night, in bed. It doesn’t matter if you are tired and you will fall asleep: it is the subconscious mind that needs to listen to it.

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